Proteins are nitrogen compounds with a carbon content, that different elements has tied.

The type of bond and bond angles decide on the electrical field that is originated by a protein.

The attachment of proteins in the body is influenced by hormonal influences and the type and extent of physical exercises.

These processes are disturbed by stasis in the interstinal liquid.

One-sided physical exercise creates a protein cultivation in imbalance , that creates electrical relations, that is not physiologically.

There is no life without proteins or amino acids. This is the second factor to maintain life. It is important what types of fission products arise out of them to detect the reason of someone´s falling ill.


The amino acids are lysine, guanine, levine, adenosine.

The protein intake runs with breaking down the entire molecule into these aminoacids. In association with the protein intake the entire molecule breaks down into these amino acids to become available in the frame of endogenetic protein synthesis.

They are split off the entire molecule during the protein intake to be available than where they are needed in the frame of the endogenic protein synthesis. They have major influence in our physical appearence. If they are so structured that they can be incorporated according to the genome, they match to the genetic blueprint.

Are they, however, denatured, as is the case with various protein preparations today, i.e. the valency has changed, they are certainly deposited but the pattern of order is obstructed and the appearance changed. Often aging processes are accelerated. According to my experience such amino acids are even not so fitted in, that it leads into decreasing muscle mass, but meanwhile the degradation of protein is accelerated because the body tends to save shape function

A profit of muscle mass can be caused only by extremely hard exercise.