In the following I will quote from OTTO BERGSMANN / Roswitha Bergsmann book chronical burdens „Unspezifische Basis klinischer Syndrome“ („Unspecific Basis Of Clinical Syndroms"), 1998.

Pathogenetically regarded in this stage all secondary stressors are answered overvaluably during continued existence of the primary stimulus situation. It concerns mainly allergic reactions which are often to be observed in this clinical stage. In the stage of exhaustion the actual values decrease slowly but, at the same time, the range of tolerance (capacity of adaption after HILDEBRANDT, 1985) is restricted too. From this, systemic tilting reactions can arise during banal and pathogenic additional stimuli but also during tests of regulation. On the low level of exhaustion range of the parametric oscillation is restricted and the reaction on stimuli is due to exhaustion of the systems decreased. There is inactivity of regulation up to rigidity of regulation in the humoral systems while monitoring the vegetative values often lability attracts attention.

Professor Bergsmann worked on the fundamentals of the therapy of chronical diseases. With his approaches he gave continiously impulses for the development of Powerlight.