Formation of clusters by self-assembly


Viruses and bacteria we expose to an electromagnetic field so that they arrange themselves according to the field structures. After switching off the electromagnetic field they arrange themselves by self-assembly according to the typical patterns on the surface of a special material where the pathogens are fixed and killed.

In the production we use these fixed patterns as structuring element for scalar fields that in sodium chloride solution induces water clusters. These water clusters are self-contained molecular chains .These chains are inert against external influences.

After an electron transfer from the cluster to the surface of the pathogen the cluster dissolves in a defined period and will be excreted.


The scientific background of our products is the physics of antimatter. With the help of positron radiation we can represent order patterns of living matter. Antimatter is able to copy patterns of organisms, when we put them into the electromagnetic field of antimatter. Such patterns show irregularities in the living matter. Normally living matter is structured by strict order patterns. The irregularities are causes of illness. Powerlight reconditions order patterns of living systems, because these order patterns also by heavy illnesses are not destroyed but only overlapped. The original order patterns are guide rails of the electron transfer by Clusters.