We start series of lectures for doctors treating with Powerlight medicine. You will find the lectures on the internet up to the end of the lecture series.




The main subject is the theoretical background of the Powerlight research.

By the way I will talk about those drugs, circulating meanwhile in Ghana and China at the moment.

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I developed the Powerlight medicines after I HAD led a German research association for ten years. Important impulses I got at the professorship in St. Petersburg. Where I have worked on the subject "nonmaterial causes of desease" and in microbiology together with other scientists.

The research association I led, was concerned with chronic illnesses and the regulation systems of the body. But for decades it had not been possible to heal chronic deseases. It was obvious for me to use measurements we had used in that time in the Sowjetunion, monitoring cosmonauts in the universe. These measurements provided informations about the skin resistance about the electrical regulatory behaviour of the body.

In the Chinese medicine we know about the imagination of energy conduction systems. Since 3000 years they have been the basic of traditional Chinese medicine. Because we are able to control measurement points far away from the course of the meridian, that provides information about the energy conduction system just as reliable as if we measure the meridian itself, it must be 3-dimensional electromagnetic fields. To avoid confusion I call these fileds "compartiments".

A compartiment has the quality to create insulated spaces limiting the fluid exchange in the body. The Same as we know about deposits of heavy metals in the basic system. They create liquid domains in regions of the basic system and remove these regions from the regulation.

The more complete the so called “Regulationsstarre”, the more deranged is the organ that is connected with this compartiment. In extreme cases complete regions of the basic system merge from sol-condition into gel-condition. If affected areas are directly under the surface you can palpate these lumps. These decompensated states not only occure after substances became deposited in the groundsystem, but also after physic influences. Generally the physic influence in a chronic disease is underestimated.

A third possibility parts of the basic system become rigid is by the influence of viruses and bacteria, fungals and parasites.

All what participates in life is subject to the influence of regulation processes. When these regulation processes work without problems humans are healthy.

There are only three categories, that are health risks:

- deposits of extranious substances

- non-compensated psycic influences

- viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.


Basics in Physics

A more essential view, how the water cluster has influence to cell membrans, is possible if we remember to the Double-slit Experiment by electrons. In the experiment the behaviour of these electrons is not the same as in classical particles, that means, the intensity distribution of the Double-slit does not result in the addition of the intensity distribution at the Single-slit. Imping electrons on compartiment borders, something not anticipated happens - they take curved paths, where they are influenced by other electrons.


Physics of vortex in fluids

With the help of thermographic analysing processes it turns out that water vortex have a lower temperature as water in the surrounding. When laminar flow becomes a vortex it needs energy. This energy will come out, when the flow behaviour is laminar again. Outside the body you can see vortexes in vital blood before clotting starts. When cluster come into the conducting fluid vortexes will triggered by these cluster. In laminar flowing fluid vortexes are always at places where  obstracles are. Obstracles in the body are deposits of metabolism products and foreign substances. It is the same in the bloodstream as in the intestitium. Under discharge of energy these materials are pressed to the border of the vortex, there are other conditions in the milieu as those that were responsible for the deposit. This principle we use in all Powerlight medicines, in which the solubility in body liquids is concerned.


Physics of living matter

The apparently increase of mass of electrons in interaction with an electrical fields leads to inconsistencies, that leads to completly false conclusions, especially in living matter. The physics of dead matter only works because this effect is ignored. The physics that is applied to living matter, is no physics of living matter - the model superimposed on the living matter is unappropriate. When in the first half of the 20th century the ether model was dropped, the physics lost its relevance in relation to everything that is living. While the preclinical semesters medical study includes physics. That leads to students educated in paradigms that are faraway from life